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Arm Balance and Jump Back Master Class Workshop
2790 Harbor Blvd
Suite 312
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 12-2 pm
Learning the fundamentals of arm balancing and jumping back with Deanna Giordano and Giuseppe DiCristino.
There are three keys to working against the force of gravity and achieving lightness. 
Breath / Bandha / Drishti
Imagine the autumn wind playing with leaves and effortlessly lifting them off the floor. In this masterclass we will explore these three keys and useful techniques to make the impossible possible.

Giuseppe DiCristino is an Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher at Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia. He studied under John Vitarelli with countless hours of teacher training and three hundred plus hours of masterclasses with teachers such as Richmond Dickson, Jani Jaatinen, and Sri Dharma Mittra.
Price: $33 members | $44 regular admission